Shadows: Story of the Kayouta by Elicia Seawell


Title: Shadows: Story of the Kayouta

Author: Elicia Seawell

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance

Length: 202 pages

Publisher: Self-published

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Nadia Green is a teenaged girl thrown into a move she doesn’t think she wants or know that she needs. After the death of her grandmother, her parents inherit the property that her family has owned for generations in North Carolina on the Eastern Band of the Cherokee’s reservation. What she discovers there will leave her understanding exactly how far back her roots go, and wondering if she will ever be able to help complete her grandmother’s work.

This book is a fun read with a storyline that keeps you turning the pages all the way until the end. I found myself cheering for Nadia and so happy that she is able to find a place where she feels that she belongs and a sense of family with the people that she didn’t know she was so closely tied to. This a great read for young adults all the way up to not-so-young adults.

If you’re a fan of werewolves of the Shiver/Linger type or the Quileute pack of Twilight then the Kayouta in this book will be right up your alley. Seawell does a great job of writing character that you’ll feel invested in and want to keep reading.

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Monthly Book Giveaway – Shadows: Story of the Kayouta by Elicia Seawell


Each month, Small Press and Indie book review will be hosting a giveaway of one of the books in our queue to be reviewed. All you have to do to enter this month is follow us on Twitter @SPIBookReview.  Our giveaway for June features the self-published YA novel Shadows: Story of the Kayouta by Elicia Seawell.

This is the story of young Nadia Green who, after the death of her grandmother and the return of her family to the Eastern Cherokee Indian reservation in North Carolina, finds herself in the middle of things she never even thought possible. It’s up to Nadia to continue her grandmother’s work and to find love in the last place she thought she wanted to be.

Elicia M. Seawell started out as a freelance graphic artist and fell in love with writing when she began her work in the newspaper industry. After long sleepless nights, she found writing as a way to combat her insomnia however most of her characters were developed while standing in the frozen food section deciding on ice cream. She is the author of Peach River Acres and The Tarot Diaries series. Elicia is currently working on the next installment of The Tarot Diaries series.

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Ominous Tales by Blake Everstone

415feyJNIvL[1]Title: Ominous Tales

Author: Blake Everstone

Genre: LGBT Paranormal/Horror

Length: 99 pages

Publisher: Between the Lines Publishing

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I was sent a copy of this book to review before it’s official release date, and was quite surprised to open it and begin reading. The book alternates between poetry and short stories all fitting with the same general theme of horror and paranormal. With stories ranging from those about serial killers and women suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder to those involving fully supernatural creatures like nymphs and ghosts, the stories are sometimes disturbing and always particularly haunting.

The lesbian theme that works its way through each of the pieces is understated. It becomes part of the story rather than being thrown into your face. It works itself into the character’s lives as a natural part rather than something that is a major feature of the stories. These are stories about characters who happen to be lesbians. There are also some fairly erotic scenes between characters in a few of the short stories, so this book is a little NSFW, and I would only recommend it to those 18+ readers.

Overall, the writing is pretty good, and for a first novel/compilation, it holds a lot of promise. I look forward to seeing more from Blake Everstone in the future, perhaps even extending some of the short stories from this book into a full piece on its own.

Ominous Tales is available on Amazon as both a e-book for $2.99 or Free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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